The Edge of the World !

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The thick green line of trees along Acacia Valley have made this a very popular picnic spot, especially after rain, when you will find the wadi full of flowers and flowering shrubs, butterflies, lizards, dragonflies, and birds.

 The Edge of the World is a rock-framed “window” with a wonderful view of the valley below. It is about 180 km North-East of Riyadh.  Edge of the World is located up straight from the Acacia Valley. This place is also called the rock framed window because from the cliffs you can see a dramatic view of the plains below.

Acacia Valley is part of the old Darb al Hijaz, which ran between Nejd and the Hijaz, using the course of the Wadi Hanifah to cut through the Tuwaiq escarpment. Darb means way and this route was used for centuries by travelers moving east-west across Arabia.  For centuries there hve been settlements along the bed of the Wadi Hanifah and the valley has always been heavily cultivated. You can still see, on the rock terraces above the villages, the round stone watch-towers which used to guard the approaches. One of these settlements, al Unaynah (sometimes Ayenah, or Oyaynah), was the home of Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab, the reformer, who was born there in 1705. The valley is still a rich agricultural area today: fields of fruit and vegetables line the road which runs through the villages.

The lush green trees along Acacia Valley have made this a very popular picnic spot. The whole area is covered with huge acacia trees, wild flowers, birds and different insects.

 The Acacia Valley is still a very rich agricultural area as of today. You can see fields with vegetables and fruits which runs through the small villages.

 As far as your eyes can reach, view of the edges are endless with totally different views at each point.


At Kingdom Tower, Olaya, Riyadh, set your odometer at Zero. Take the Uruba Road (west) and watch for the signboard ‘King Khalid Eye Hospital’ (KKEH). At 3.7 km you will get an exit to Madinah/Qassim at the KKEH. Follow this road which after 10 km leads to Salbouk. At 34.5 km you will get an exit to Sadous/Jubayla. Take this exit and head to Sadous. You will pass by Jubayla, Uyainah and Hegra. At 66.5 km (which is 24.5 km from Jubayla) turn left to an off-road. After entering this path, on your left side is iron fence, and you may follow the track (towards west, turning slightly to your right) until you reach a fenced area with a gate at 7.5 km from the main road. Enter the gate, turn right and follow any convenient track for 22 km.

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